Family Portraits portrait photography and individual head shots are an area of photography that requires lighting expertise, patience, and a calm disposition that makes everyone feel comfortable, whether it be a high school senior, a bride to be, or a family of 16. Contact Johnny to explore the best options for your next portrait.

From the photographer:

Shooting headshots or portraits is one of the most demanding photographic disciplines because it requires the photographer to exercise exquisite people skills while staying acutely aware of how his or her camera and lighting equipment is performing. It is not uncommon that the subject you are photographing is nervous, maybe short on time or maybe just does not want to be in front of the camera. Naturally, the photographer picks up on this energy and of course it boosts anxiety, but he has the responsibility of creating a sense of calm – a pleasant environment for the subject. He may be sweating bullets trying to exude calm while doing triage on his or her gear because suddenly your wireless trigger decides to stop working, but he has to smile and breathe deeply so that the subject is able to smile and breathe deeply. This whole concept of working with the subject while working with photography gear sounds simple enough, but once you get into this profession, you begin to understand the value of effective people skills while knowing your gear inside and out. Something I always to do help calm the subject is to reach out and fix a collar or tug on a blouse to relieve a wrinkle, or move a tusk of hair. This whole act of touching is very powerful. The subject is totally unaware that is creating bond of trust with the photographer. Just don’t overdo it!

Johnny Stevens, Certified Professional Photographer, Austin, Texas

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